Locals Find a Unique Way to Celebrate Oscar Night

Island residents celebrated Oscar night in a very unique way on Sunday. They spent the evening with their eyes glued to the TV screen, and also some Bingo cards.

"The Oscars tend to be kind of a boring ceremony, so one of the ways we kind of spice it up is, I went online and found Oscar bingo cards," hostess Kelly McKeen said. "So everyone has their bingo cards and when they get a bingo, they get a gift card."

And what more fitting a prize than a movie ticket?

For over 20 years, McKeen and her parents have hosted the huge get-togethers to watch the Academy Awards. Deborah Leal has been there since the first party in 1991.

"I see it as the Superbowl for the artists," Leal said. "This is our chance to get together, eat great food and watch something we find completely entertaining. We go to the movies all year long, so this is our chance to kind of get together, talk about the movies, talk about what we liked and didn't like."

Colin McKeen first started going to the parties about three years ago. For him, the beer and food were a big reason for showing up until he fell right into the middle of a love story made for the movies.

"The first night I came here was actually the first night I asked my wife, the hostess, Kelly Grochow, out," Colin McKeen said. "That was the first night I asked her out, was Oscars night."

It's a Hollywood script written on the Island, with more scenes being added every year as the movie lovers salute the best in acting and the best in friends.


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