Lost Graduation Ring Reunited with Owner After 40 Years

Shortly after airing a story about a young man that discovered a class ring from the early 70s buried in his backyard in Sandia, Texas, the owner of that ring was found.

3News aired the story during our 6 p.m. broadcast on Monday, and promptly posted it to Facebook, asking that people share the post to help 11-year old Kenneth Young find the owner of the ring. He found it in his backyard while burying a pet dog -- a class of '73 Sinton High School graduation ring.

In the short time between our 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. broadcasts, the post went viral, and the ring was reunited with its owner. 3News met with Kenneth and the ring's owner, Gracie Rodriguez, on Tuesday.

"All the memories of high school started flooding back," Rodriguez said. "I was very excited."

"I felt really glad that I did the right thing," Kenneth said.

After finding the ring, Kenneth and his parents noticed the initials G.V.M. engraved on it. They called Sinton High School, and said that an employee there checked those initials with a yearbook and found just one name matched those initials -- Gracie Maldonado. So they called 3News for help, and with the help of our viewers, Gracie was found.

"I just want to thank Kenneth, and I want to thank his parents because they instilled that integrity and honesty in him," Rodriguez said.

The numbers are still rising, but the original Facebook post asking for people to help find the ring's owner accumulated 4,136 Shares as of Wednesday, along with 917 Likes and 130 comments. It had a total reach of 198,976 people.

So a big thanks to our viewers and Facebook fans for helping to give this heart warming story a good ending!


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