Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave Friend's Side

They say dogs are the most loyal of companions, and this story certainly proves that. It is about one dog that refused to leave the side of his dog friend that had just been run over.

The dog sat by his deceased friend for days, and now that loyal dog needs a home of his own before Animal Control euthanizes it.

Loyal is a Labrador mix, and is about one-year old. Volunteers found him on the side of the road, next to his dog friend who had just been hit by a car.

"It had its little friend with it that was dead," said Cheryl Martinez, president of People Assisting Animal Control, or PAAC. "It drug it off, and it was protecting its little friend."

Volunteers and neighbors tried to get Loyal, but he just wouldn't leave his friend behind.

"The dog would not leave his friend," Martinez said. "It guarded its little dead friend, and when other dogs would come up, he'd run up and guard its little friend."

Volunteers said Loyal never showed any aggression towards anyone. He would just not leave his friend's side. They even left him food and water to help keep him alive.

"Once you walked away, he'd maybe eat a little bit, but you had to put it right next to his friend or he wouldn't leave," said Julie Perry, a volunteer for PAAC.

Finally, after more than four days, volunteers were able to catch Loyal, and now they want a new home for him. There's only one problem; the dog kennels are full, and if they don't find him a home soon, the dog will be euthanized.

No one in Animal Control wants to see that happen.

"We don't want the dog to be euthanized, so we are hoping that someone will step up and take the dog, and PAAC will be willing to pay the fee," said Martinez.

If you are interested in making Loyal part of your family, you can contact Animal Control at 361-826-4630.


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