Man Attacked by Bees Voices Frustration with Neighbor & City

A man mowing his yard on the 200 block of San Jacinto Street was attacked Monday by yet another swarm of bees.

The victim is going to be okay, but he said it is an ongoing issue, and according to the City's Vector Control, there is nothing the City can do about the problem.

The swarm of bees have turned a shed on the victim's neighbor's property into their permanent home, and since the bees are inside of the structure and not outside, Vector Control workers' hands are tied.

Charlie Juarez, 42, was stung more than 20 times by bees on Monday, and he said it's not the first time. In fact, it is the eighth time in the last 10 years. Juarez said his sister was also stung a few years ago, over 100 times.

Juarez is frustrated with his neighbor and the City for not doing something about the problem. The home where the bees are coming from is just behind his property, on the 2600 block of Goliad. He said the house is vacant.

There's a fence around the property and even a no trespassing sign; but, since the owner continues to pay his property taxes, the City cannot go inside. Vector Control said it is simply up to the homeowner to take care of the bee problem.

"He has a little structure in the back. A little shed," said Benny Alaniz of Vector Control. "The problems been here a couple of years. He knows about it. I've advised about the situation, to call a pest control company. He said he'll get to it. Been here for three years, hasn't done anything about it."


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