Man Falls Five Feet Into Uncovered Manhole; Suffers Major Injuries

Imagine walking down a city sidewalk and the next thing you know is that you are at the bottom of a sewer drain, unable to get out. It happened to one young man as he was walking home Saturday night.

Turns out the cover to the manhole was missing and he received some pretty major injuries from his fall.

3 News Reporter Anayeli Ruiz spoke with the young man who wants the city to fix the problem so no else is hurt.

21-Year-Old Adrian Perez is recovering from several injuries after a walk from a friend's house took an unexpected turn.

Adrian Perez, victim who fell into manhole, says,"How the hell did I get here? What happened? It was so quick. It wasn't like I am falling. That was the next step I took into the hole."

Adrian fell several feet down into an open manhole. It happened around 11:00 Saturday night on Norton St. and Ayers. Adrian says the street was too dark to see the hazard in front of him.

"I hit the ground and I was like wow I looked up and saw the hole then I realized where I was," says Adrian.

He tried getting out but he was hurt. He grabbed his phone and called his brother for help.

"I had to stick my arm up...there was about this much of my arm sticking out of the hole," says Adrian.

His brother luckily was able to spot his hands sticking out of the hole and pulled him out.

"I expected a border or some cones something. Not just a hole in the ground," says Adrian.

His family took him to the hospital where he had to get several stitches to his shin. His ankle is swollen and he says it might be fractured.

We wanted to see how deep the man hole actually is and we brought a measuring tape take a look we put it in here in the man hole and its a little bit over five feet deep.

"Do something I don't want somebody else to fall in there, it sucked for me. I don't even want anybody else to fall in there. That ain't cool its not right," says Adrian.

But despite everything, Adrian feels blessed it wasn't more.

"I do feel blessed. I know that he was looking for out me even though I fell in the hole he was still looking out nothing serious happened to me," says Adrian.


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