Man Holds Suspected Car Burglar At Gunpoint

It was a frantic scene Tuesday morning in one south side neighborhood after a suspected car burglar fled the scene of a break-in, only to be held at bay by a near-by neighbor.

It all happened around 8:30 AM Tuesday morning along the 4100 block of Bray. The suspect was later found about a block away where he was held until police arrived.

Edward Pettijohn was unloading his lawn mower when he noticed police activity. Police were responding to a vehicle burglary in the area.

"They had the pistols out and the road blocked and called my neighbor and told him we are fixing to have some trouble," said Pettijohn.

"When the officers got there and the gentleman ran. They tried to stop the guy to investigate the theft and the gentleman ran," said Lt. John Hooper with the Corpus Christi Police Department.

Police chased the man across several streets, that's when the suspect ended up in Pettijohn's back yard.

"I saw someone jump that wire fence their and then I pulled my pistol out and aimed at him with my laser at him," said Pettijohn.

The suspect then jumped Pettijohn's fence and ran for it, but after seeing police he returned to the backyard.

"I didn't want to shoot him, cause I didn't know what he did. I didn't want shoot at the air, I went back out their and told him come on back he is right here," said Pettijohn.

The suspect, Clayton Roland, was arrested and now faces several charges, including evading arrest to and drug charges. Police say he was carrying drugs and paraphernalia.

In the meantime, Pettijohn is happy he was able to assist officers in the arrest.

"Three of them congratulated me, but I am just protecting what our neighbors have that's what I was looking forward to," said Pettijohn.    


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