Meeting Held to Crack Down on Wayward Boats

Did you know it is illegal to leave a sunken boat stranded in Texas coastal waters?

Well it is, and on Thursday, various organizations, including the Texas General Land Office and the U.S. Coast Guard, met to talk about enforcing the law and making it easier for boat owners to dispose of their wayward boats.

They say this problem not only poses an environmental concern, but it also poses a serious safety risk.

"If you have a sunken boat and people don't know where it is, other boaters can run into it. Also, it could be in a ship lane or an intercoastal waterway, or typical waterway where other vessels travel," said Brent Koza of the Texas GLO. "There's the spill and the potential for pollution, and what oil can do to the environment itself. And also, the vessel, it's more debris, which could effect critical habitat that could be around it."

Among the ideas discussed Thursday was working on agreements with city and county dumps, to make it cheaper and easier to dispose of broken down boats.


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