Meeting Held to Discuss Controlling Feral Cat Population

According to officials, 70 to 80-percent of all cats brought into the city's Animal Care Services are euthanized.

Kiii News Reporter Bill Churchwell went Live from Flour Bluff, a part of town with one of the biggest feral cat populations.

Just like stray dogs, feral cats are a common sight in Flour Bluff, and throughout the rest of the city. One expert said the solution is not killing the feral cats, but rather putting in place a catch and release program.

On Thursday, the Corpus Christi Animal Control Advisory Committee discussed those possible solutions to the local feral cat problem.

Board Member Cheryl Martinez said that euthanizing the animals is not working because it is not making a difference in the amount of stray cats on our streets. She wants the City to consider catching the animals, neutering them and then releasing them.

"What other communities are doing is a trapping and release program," Martinez said. "We understand the City doesn't have the funds to do that at this time. We would like to do something, if the community is willing to step up and save some of these animals."

"No one likes killing animals because they are unwanted, but we have to have the citizens become responsible owners," Board Member Barbara Beynon said. "Feral cats start somewhere."

That responsibility starts with spaying or neutering your pets.

Board members are hoping residents will get involved in the debate by going to future meetings at Animal Care Services. They are open to the public, and the next one will be held next month.


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