Metal in Motion Exhibit Turns Scrap Metal Into Works of Art

There's a unique exhibit being installed at the Art Museum of South Texas that takes scrap metal and turns it into works of art.

Metal in Motion is the title of the exhibit, which features the work of an artist whose giant outdoor pieces have been featured in the television shows Battlebot and Junkyard Wars.

Mark "Scrapdaddy" Bradford is a Houston native whose works he describes as animals on wheels made from scrap metal. Bradford features one piece that was made entirely of spoons discarded by American Airlines after 9/11.

"It's made out of spoons and spoon handles, and the spoons were discarded by American Airlines after 9/11 and they ended up in the ship channel scrap yard," Bradford said. "And I saved them literally hours before they were going to be put on a barge and shipped to China."

The exhibit runs through June, so be sure and check it out.


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