Military Matters: First Class Petty Officer Anthony Saldana

A new feature on 3 News to recognize the contribution of one of the Coastal Bend's largest employers, the military bases and installations. They provide jobs for thousands of residents and contribute an economic shot in the arm to the community.

Each member of the military provides an important part of NAS Corpus Christi.

3 News reporter Rudy Trevino met up with one of them in Military Matters.

Anthony Saldana, First Class Petty Officer with NAS Corpus Christi, says, "Budget management for air operations department. I also order parts for like ground electronics."

First Class Petty Officer Anthony Saldana, a Logistics Specialist at NAS Corpus Christi has served his country for a little over a decade. For him it's part of a tradition.

"It's a sense of pride. My grandfather was in the Navy. He was a quarter master in the Navy a long time ago. He was my main motivational factor in joining the Navy," says Saldana.

Petty Officer Saldana has served aboard ship and has even been on the front lines in the war on terror, keeping the supply lines moving for our troops.

"I have been out there. I've done a lot of tours and stuff in the desert at separate commands and I enjoy what I do," says Saldana.

And when it comes to motivation, patriotism is front and center for Petty Officer Saldana.

"It was also a motivating factor. I love this country, I love being free. I've been to a lot of different countries, sovereign nations. Afghanistan and Iraq and stuff like that. And I think we got it the best. I'm pretty sure we do," says Saldana.

For the last year, Petty Officer Saldana has served as NAS Corpus Christi's sailor of the year. A tough competition bestowed only to the one military person who shines above all. The key to this honor is to be a good motivator to his peers.

"Leading by example. Doing the right thing. Ah always doing the right thing, not just when people are looking," says Saldana.

Petty Officer Saldana is wrapping up his tour rotation at NAS Corpus Christi soon. The native of Lockhart will be transferred soon to Naval Station Everett, Washington where he'll become a crew member aboard the USS Nimitz. Saldana says his career has been full of adventure.

He helped the recent air show, something he and his crew had never done before and it was a total success. 3 News salutes Petty Officer First Class Anthony Saldana -- making our Military Matters.


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