Miniature Horses Arrive in Coastal Bend from Oregon

A new herd of mini horses has made its way to the Coastal Bend all the way from the state of Oregon, and they are currently staying at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds in Robstown.

Marty Knowles is the owner of the miniature horses and he told 3 News on Friday, "we come in, in the morning and we find this one, and she's ah, we figured since we were here and they were nice enough to work with us, we figured we'd call her RMB Star."

Knowles was speaking of the newest addition to the herd who was born at the fairgrounds in Robstown a couple of days ago and so its owners have named the baby mini horse after the fairgrounds.

Knowles told 3 News, "this horse is apparently the first baby born on the fairgrounds since the new fairgrounds has been put up, so that was another reason we kind of thought we'd honor the grounds for it."

The owners of the mini horses - Marty and his wife Alice Knowles - have come to the Coastal Bend from Oregon in hopes of starting a business with the mini horses, but as of right now, the owners are without a place to stay because they say the place they came to the Coastal Bend to move into fell through, and did not work out.

Of the situation he and his wife and their mini horses find themselves in, Marty Knowles told 3 News, "right now, we need a home for these guys. If we could get two plus acres that we could rent, we're not asking for any charity, ideally a place to stay, a house would be nice on the property, we can start going to work."

The owners say the shortest of their miniature horses are about 20 inches tall, and the tallest ones are about 34 inches tall.

Knowles elaborated on the nature and origin of mini horses to 3 News, saying: "miniatures are legitimate horses. They are smaller than ponies. The original minis were bred to pull ore out of mines because the old mines, they were only you know people basically crawled through them. well, they needed an animal that was strong that could pull the ore out."

And of the size of the friendly mini horses, Knowles added, "one nice thing about them is if they do step on your foot, they don't break it."

And if you would like to pet the mini horses, you can go to the fairgrounds this weekend from 10 to noon, and pet the horses free of charge.

If you would like to help Marty and Alice knowles, you can reach them at the following phone number: 541-399-0091.


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