More Than 200 Tombstones Vandalized at San Diego Cemetery

In San Diego, the community was in shock after hundreds of grave markers were found overturned and sculptures found smashed in a horrible act of vandalism over the weekend.

"I mean uh, flabbergasted," Noe Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez and his family were among many who flocked to the San Diego cemetery Sunday morning after early visitors discovered vandals had wrecked many of the grave sites. Noe and his family then helped others right and repair many of the stones.

"We had several calls this morning of people coming out to the cemetery and finding the tombs knocked over," said Argent Martin Suarez of the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department. "When the deputy arrived this morning he found about 80 percent of the tombs and stones had been knocked over and flowers damaged."

Stone after stone after stone was overturned and sculpture pieces littered the graves.

"This is my father, my sister, my baby brother, my aunt, my uncle and my grandparents," Josie Guerra said.

Guerra was beside herself on seeing the damage done to the resting places of her loved ones. "I wanted to die. I mean why... They're gone already. They're not bothering anybody."

Deputies estimate at least 200 gravestones were turned over and they say the cemetery was full Sunday morning of family members repairing the grave stones.

"We couldn't believe it. There were so many turned, it's like a disaster area," said Esperanza Cadena and Julian Perez. "It looks terrible. It's unbelievable."

It's not just the sheriff's office but the San Diego Police Department that's also looking for those responsible.

"This looks like the job of juveniles or young adults that may have done this," Chief Juan Garcia said. "This damage here. You can't imagine why. No reason I wouldn't know why they would want to do something like this. A shock not only to me but to the community and the people here in San Diego."

While some grave sites have been repaired, many are not, and some are hoping for help to resurrect the tributes to their loved ones.

"A lot of people were upset. I don't blame them," Suarez said. "Their family members. And the sheriff is upset and the sheriff wanted to ask the community to help out as much as they can with any information."

While family members pick up the pieces, the community continues to look for answers.

If you have any information that may help investigators find those responsible for the vandalism, call the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department at 361-668-0341, the Alice Crime Stoppers at 361-668-STOP, or the San Diego Police Department at 361-279-2924.


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