More Volunteer Firefighters Needed in Flour Bluff

Do you have what it takes to be a volunteer fire fighter?

That's what the volunteer fire department in Flour Bluff wants to know. They're looking for some additional volunteers.

The fire chief of the station said you won't earn a paycheck, but you will serve your community, and that in itself is rewarding.

At the fire station on Yorktown Friday, volunteer firefighters showed examples of the kind of training new recruits will have to go through. They said you have to be in good physical shape because the jaws of life are heavy, as are the dragon hoses and the other pieces of equipment they use.

Now, the fire chief said the station on Yorktown has lost 10 of its volunteer firefighters to the oil fields. That means they're down to 24 firefighters. They usually like to maintain 34 members, otherwise it increases the work load and can make things difficult when emergencies happen.

"Especially when you get your large fires where you have to do a lot, like your brush fires where you're doing a lot of ground pounding, working with hand tools," said Dale Scott, chief of the Nueces County Fire Department ESD #2. "The guys get tired really quick and it's important to have fresh guys that you can put out there."

The chief said it takes about a year and a half to get a volunteer firefighter trained. That includes emergency medical technician training, rescue training, fire training, CPR and more. Training, by the way, is free.

They're looking for anybody living between the Flour Bluff, Padre Island and Naval Air Station area, that has a lot of time to train. They said if you're interested, drop by and check them out at the station on Yorktown.


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