Mother Expresses Serious Concern of Lice in CCISD Schools

A local mother says that her three children not only have lice, but are going to get reinfected. She says both Grant Middle School and Galvan Elementary are infested.

Just talking about lice seems to make everyone start itching immediately. In Denise Thomas' home, lice isn't just a thought running through your mind -- the bugs are actually covering her children's heads.

"This is a problem. This is not just an isolated incident," Thomas said. "These are two completely different schools. The kids sleep in two completely different areas. They have their own hair brushes. They have all their own stuff."

Thomas is more than a little bit upset about all the lice in her children's hair. She wants the school district to get back to checking all the kids' heads for lice; but that doesn't happen anymore.

The district tries to be more discreet, and if a child is found to have lice, they are sent to the nurse. Also, individual letters are sent out to parents instead of sending school-wide warnings.

Debbie Gilchrist, coordinator of student health services for the Corpus Christi Independent School District, said she was unaware of any reports regarding lice in the schools. She said that the number of lice cases have remained the same over the years, and that the district does have a policy in place to deal with it.

Basically, if nits are discovered, your child can stay in school and a note will be sent home to parents to have the child treated. If lice or crawlers are discovered, the child is immediately sent home and will have to be treated overnight. The child can return to school the next day, and the nurse will check them again.

One district official checked with Galvan Elementary and said that, since the first of the year, only 10 letters have been sent home to parents about lice.

A few years ago, the state legislature changed the way lice cases are handled with an eye on keeping those students in class rather than sending them home. Thomas said the policy should be changed.

Gilchrist said the new rules have not resulted in any more or any less cases of lice in CCISD schools.


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