Mother of Christian Carrillo Asking for Help

The mother of Christian Carrillo, 17, is in a tough situation and is asking for help. The teen is recovering from his injuries after he was struck by a driver who did not stop. 

Still, Christian will need to go to rehab in another city and the family does not have enough money to make it.

3 News reporter Anayeli Ruiz spoke with Misty Taylor, Christian Carrillo's mother, exclusively Saturday.

"I am up at the hospital day in and day out with him," says Misty Taylor, Christian Carrillo's mother. "There is no income coming in. We are down to literally $147 in the bank."

It hasn't been easy for Misty Taylor, a single mother of three. Her son, Christian Carrillo remains in the hospital more than a month after he was struck by a driver on Ayers.  

Christian had just finished working at CiCi's Pizza.  The driver never stopped. The latest pictures of Christian show him from his hospital bed. Carrillo suffered severe damage to the right side of his brain but his family says he has been making progress.

Misty says, "His body is starting to heal up. What we are focusing on now is the trauma to his brain."

In order to Christian to eat, walk and talk, he needs to go to rehab. The family is hoping he can go to Memorial Herman in Houston.

Misty says her bags and packed and ready to go because the call can come at any day. The only problem is having enough money to relocate.

"It's very scary not knowing where you are going to live and what you are going to do," says Misty. "I don't know one person up there."

With not enough money in the bank, Misty plans on leaving her two younger daughters behind with her parents in Corpus Christi while she tries to help Christian recover from his injuries.

Misty says, "They said that there are some benches that I can sleep on in the hospital until I can get back on my feet."

Despite all the hurdles that Misty faces, she says she will get her son the rehab he needs, no matter what.

"Even if I have no money, I don't care," says Misty. "He is going to come first. For the two, three years that he is there, if I sleep in waiting room that is what I am going to do."

The only thing Misty hopes now is that someone lends her a hand so Christian can fully recover and be her happy, vibrant son he once was.

If you would like to help out the family, they have set up an account at Frost Bank with the account number of #294183282.


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