NAACP President Benjamin Jealous Visits Corpus Christi

Delegates from all around Texas were in town Thursday night for the state NAACP convention. They got to hear from their national president and CEO Benjamin Jealous.

It was the second time Jealous visited Corpus Christi over the past year. He said his job was to get everyone motivated about the coming months, and the many battles that lie ahead for the NAACP and the country.

There was a welcoming reception for Jealous at Heritage Park.

Jealous said that this is a critical moment for the NAACP; a time to come together to work on a number of issues facing minorities and women. Jealous believes that the country has been seeing monumental attacks on the most basic of our rights.

According to the NAACP president, those include the right to migrate here from other countries, the right of women to be treated fairly and people of color to be included in our universities. He said even the ability to vote has been under siege.

"They're doing a great job stopping a bad redistricting plan by the state," Jealous said. "There's some more fights here in Corpus Christi. They've done a great job of stopping a voter suppression bill, and they've done a great job of signing people up to vote by tens of thousands, so now it's time to dig in deep to really push people forward. We've got to make sure that our community turns out to vote."

Right after the elections, the NAACP will turn its focus on the federal government's budget battle. Jealous added that, after the new year, there will be fights over civil, voting and women's rights in several states.

The actual convention began at 8 a.m. Friday, and will wrap up Saturday night.


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