Neighbors Describe Friday Morning's House Explosion

Friday morning's house explosion on the 4800 block of Holmes Drive was said to be so powerful that it was felt as far away as the Corpus Christi Bayfront.

So just imagine what it was like living next door to the home.

Kiii News Reporter Michael Gibson went Live from the area of the blast with a look at what neighbors had to say.

The explosion certainly served as an early wakeup call, as people were scrambling out of bed to figure out what had happened.

"My bed just shook and we just felt that blast, and we were just all shaken up," neighbor Gloria De Los Santos said. "And we didn't notice that all our windows were busted out, and we went outside to see what happened and the house was all gone."

De Los Santos lives next door to the home that blew up. She was inside of the Susan Tiller Deaf Center across the street as the Corpus Christi Fire Department and American Red Cross workers tried to comfort and help victims like her.

Plenty of houses on Andover street, just one street down from Holmes Drive, had blown out windows and other damage from the explosion.Eryk Phillips was asleep inside his home, which is directly behind the blast site. His home now has glass and insulation all over the place. Part of the ceiling was peeled away.

Phillips said he did not know what was going on when he was suddenly awakened.

"I woke up and my ears were ringing," Phillips said. "I could hear absolutely nothing, so my hearing started coming back and I could hear sirens, car alarms going off and all that  stuff going on, and I'm thinking, 'Wow, am I going to die?'"

Phillips said he also heard his neighbor saying "the house is blown up, the house just blew up." He and his sister quickly got out of the home. They say the smoke was so thick it covered the sky. They also watched as the flames spread to another home and burned that house down.

Phillips and his family have lived in their home since 1998. Their home was severely damaged by the blast, and they are waiting on insurance adjustors to give them the go ahead to get someone out there to make all the necessary repairs.


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