Neighbors Team Up to Capture Large Exotic Lizard

Children and parents were on high alert Friday afternoon in one southside neighborhood after an exotic lizard got loose in the area.

Kiii News cameras were there as residents tried to capture the creature, which was roaming around in a backyard in the 7400 block of Spitfire, near Rodd Field Road and Holly.

It's not every day you see a three or four-foot lizard roaming around in your neighborhood. Neighbors were able to get together and capture it, putting it in a cage that a neighbor found; but as our cameras were on the scene, the lizard found a hole and was able to make a run for it.

The lizard ran into a neighbor's door, trying to get in, and once it realized it couldn't get through the door, it decided to try and get in through the garage, which was cracked open. It then hid behind a washer and dryer.

The homeowner didn't even know what was going on.

Neighbors were able to capture it once again, despite it putting up a fight. They put it back in the cage, and made sure it couldn't get out a second time.

Neighbors called Animal Control, and according to them, that area in the southside of town is where they get the most calls regarding loose exotic animals.


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