New Street Named After Former City Councilman Larry Elizondo

When you look around at the names of our streets, you will find that some are named after city leaders, like the first mayor, Benjamin Neal. Others are named after people like William Brownlee, who was killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

One of the latest city leaders to be honored is former school board member and councilman Larry Elizondo.

Elizondo grew up in a housing project on the city's westside. He eventually graduated from Moody High School and went on to serve on the school board and city council.

Elizondo Drive is in the Rancho Vista subdivision, off Yorktown near Rodd Field Road. It's the part of town that Elizondo represented as the District 5 councilman.

Braselton Homes wanted to recognize his efforts in serving the district by naming a street after him.

"I'm just so elated by the fact that I'm one of the people. They think I've done a good job, and this is their way of honoring me, but I'll tell you it was a collaboration with all the council members and all the people I served on the school board, and all the things that we did," Elizondo said. "Anytime I do anything, it's with collaboration with other folks. I don't do it by myself. It's good people doing good things for the community."

"We want to honor local officials," said Bart Braselton of Braselton Homes. "We want people to be familiar with the names, and when you start looking around at all the work Larry's done in our city, from the school district up to city council, he's put in a lot of hours and a lot of hard work. A lot of hard work for the residents of District 5."

This isn't the only honor Elizondo is receiving because of the work he has done around town. Moody High School is set to name its gym after him at a ceremony on Feb. 28.

Elizondo has relocated to Houston because of his job, but that job also has him coming back to town often, so he is still around to take a drive up and down his street, and will soon be able to watch a basketball game in the gym named after him.


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