New Wholesale Fish Market Opening in North Beach

A new business is being built on North Beach that will make seafood lovers and local fishermen happy. It's a wholesale fish market that will supply local restaurants and individuals.

Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns has been talking to the president of Groomer's Seafood in San Antonio and joined us Live from the Marina, where local shrimpers sell their catch of the day.

The fishing trawlers are usually out in the Gulf in the early morning hours before returning to sell their fish and shrimp on the T-Head, and they could be selling to another fish store soon -- the largest of its kind in the Coastal Bend.

The new wholesale and retail store will have 8,000 square feet of space to cater to customers.

Rick Groomer, president of Groomer's Seafood, gave 3News a tour of the unfinished facility being built on the Highway 181 access road in North Beach.

"Nothing like this will be seen in this area. This is something that you'd see in a much larger city. It will be a fish monger type seafood store," Groomer said. "We're going to build a wholesale processing plant here. A procurement type place where we bring seafood from all over the coast of Texas, and you'll be able to come here as a restaurant or an individual consumer and actually come up and look inside our cooler and buy whatever you want to buy."

Groomer said that he and his brothers grew up on a fishing boat here in Corpus Christi and then moved to San Antonio to build up their business. Even though they have moved, they have been selling to local buyers of seafood for the past 20 years.

He added that the new store will make it a little easier for local fishermen to sell all they catch.

"Sometimes the fishermen are only kind of capable of selling their product here locally in the area," Groomer said. "This kind of gives them the stepping stone to sell some of the stuff up north a little bit, as well as us bring fish that you don't normally see in this area down to this area as well."

Groomer said he has bought several lots along the frontage road and hopes to eventually expand his business to include a processing facility. He hopes to have the wholesale side up and running by the beginning of May.


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