Newly Elected Candidates Talk Plans for City's Future

Corpus Christi is going to have a new mayor and four new City Council members sworn in two weeks from now Nov. 20, and Mayor Elect Nelda Martinez  was already talking Wednesday about what she hopes to accomplish.

Martinez said she is excited to become mayor, and is ready to get to work.

"I have a good relationship with all of them, and I have confidence in all their ability, and I think we're going to have a great team and do great things for the city," Martinez said.

Lillian Riojas is our new At Large candidate. She is the spokesperson at Valero and is ready to leave the campaign trail behind and start trying to solve the problems facing the city. Streets are at the top of that list.

It's the same story with Chad Magill. He is the new District 2 councilman, and is a manager at Stewart Title, as well as a member of the Downtown Management District. He and Riojas say they are joining Council to get thing's done to reach a decision on how to pay for the billion dollars worth of needed streets.

"Obviously it's something that every citizen in this community, no matter on the Island, southside, westside or downtown streets, was on top of minds," Riojas said. "So I think it's incumbent upon the new council to address this issue and make a decision and move forward with it."

"I think it condemns our neighborhoods and District 2, being a primarily neighborhood-driven district," Magill said. "I'm not going to stand for that kind of percentage to be paid for by residents when we already pay our taxes."

Magill is talking about part of that billion-dollar plan to repair our streets. Right now, the proposed plan calls for residents to pay 90-percent of the costs of rebuilding the street in front of their home. Magill doesn't like the idea, and hopes to get it changed through the new council.

Magill and Riojas also said they want to make sure that all the Bond 2008 projects that were approved by voters are completed. A new fire station was supposed to be built as part of that bond, but the City has said it's not going to build it because they can't afford to staff it.

So, it appears there's already a difference of opinion, and we will see if this new council will set things straight.


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