Nueces County Courthouse Marries 24 Couples on 12/12/12

It is the 12th day of the 12th month in the year 2012, and at noon, one South Texas couple joined thousands of others across the country in tying the knot.

So, at the Nueces County Courthouse, Rolando and Denise Gonzalez counted down the minutes until the clock struck noon to get married.

"Alright, it's about 30 seconds until 12 o'clock," said Justice of the Peace Henry Santana. "I think it's pretty close to what the bride and groom wanted to do today."

Santana set the time and the date aside for any and all couples wanting to make this memorable date "the day." This will be the last time the month, day and year will all be the same number, at least until Jan. 1, 2101.

Consecutive date sequences are rare occurrences, and many folks look for the hidden meaning in the numbers; but for some brides and grooms, it turns out simplicity rules.

In Nueces County, 24 couples tied the knot on this day. Believe it or not, more peopled tied the knot today than on Valentine's Day.


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