Nueces County Deputy Replaces 10-Year Old's Stolen Bicycle

Deputy Charles Gonzalez with the Nueces County Sheriff's Department was responding to a routine call Thursday, and his response may lift your spirits.

It was a reported theft that brought the deputy to the home of 10-year old George Cuellar. When Deputy Gonzalez showed up, and found out how old the victim was, and what was taken, it touched his heart.

"I was getting the information, and I could just imagine how upset the boy was to see that his bike was taken," Gonzalez said.

George's bicycle had gone missing -- a bicycle that he only had for two weeks, after receiving it as a birthday present.

"My mom woke me up and said my bike wasn't there," George said.

"She looked outside. The bike was gone," George's father, Rosario Cuellar, said. "We've been here four years, and this has never happened to us."

Deputy Gonzalez responded by going to Wal-Mart, where out of his own pocket, he purchased a brand new bike for George.

"We see a lot of pain and agony, and when it happens to a child, it hit me," Gonzalez said. "And it hit me hard."

George was still at school when Deputy Gonzalez delivered it.

"I'm sure when he went to school he felt horrible," Gonzalez said. "hopefully when he got home, he felt better. I just wanted to make his day better."

After that, Deputy Gonzalez went about his day. He didn't go to see George again; but Kiii News did, and George and his family want to send the deputy a message.

"I want to tell him thank you, and that I really like it," George said.

"I want to thank Officer Gonzalez for what he did for our son, and we pray that the Lord will bless him a thousand times," Rosario Cuellar said.

And one more thing -- George said his favorite color is green, so Deputy Gonzalez made the perfect choice. We here at Kiii News say way to go, deputy.


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