Nueces County Getting New Mobile Command Operations Center

If a crisis like the one in Boston Monday were ever to happen here, or in the case of any other major disaster, local law officers have a new tool at their disposal.

The Nueces County Sheriff's Department has a new mobile command operations center. It will be officially rolled out to Nueces County Commissioners on Wednesday.

The new tool can be used in any kind of emergency, and the $250,000 tab that it took to make it happened was picked up courtesy of criminals.

"When you look at drugs seized, asset forfeiture money, there's a lot of things that we could buy with it," Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin said. "This is probably the single most important investment since I've been sheriff, that we've ever made."

It's the kind of vehicle that can be driven up and into the scene of a crisis, or perhaps even before one happens to be prepared. Its uses are limitless.

"That's the essential key point to a command operations vehicle, is that we can operate when nothing else does operate," Kaelin said.

The mobile command operations unit has been six years in the making, according to Kaelin. It is equipped with the latest technology which, in the event of a total loss of power, could communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world. The massive vehicle comes with a satellite system that will keep the sheriff and emergency personnel linked to everything from the Internet to live television broadcasts.

"You can't see it from here, but further back, there's a 25-foot tall remote camera that goes up into the area, so if you were looking and wanting to see over crowds with a zoom lens on it, you can really reach out."

A powerful search light can light up a crime scene, but more than anything, Kaelin said the mobile command vehicle is an essential tool to any law enforcement agency.


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