Nutritional Changes Kick In this Year on CCISD Campuses

The Corpus Christi Independent School District served more than 39,000 meals on the first day of school Monday; however, there are some major nutritional changes taking place this year. Especially in regards to what snacks are available for students.

With the government's Smart Snack Initiative in place this school year, there will be no candy bars, sugary foods or junk food like potato chips sold on campus. The only snacks that can be given out or sold need to fall within strict guidelines.

"To find out if your products meet those guidelines, simply go to the CCISD website on the food service page. There is a quick link," said Jody Houston, director of CCISD Food Services. "And if you have the nutritional information for that product in front of you, it's a very easy process to find out if your snacks meet."

School organizations can still hold bake sales or sell some of those sugary snacks on campus 30 minutes after school has let out. Before school, sugary or junk food snacks will not be allowed to be sold.

Other changes include all of the grain products becoming only whole wheat options -- for example, flour tortillas will not be served, but whole wheat tortillas will.

Another mandatory change by the government requires that fruit always be served as a side option for breakfast.


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