Officials say January is the Busiest Month for Firefighters

Top officials with the Corpus Christi Fire Department say it is a pretty good bet that over the next 24 hours, someone's home in the city is going to catch fire.

They say the month of January is typically the busiest month of the year for firefighters. It is a result of the colder weather, and we have already seen a number of fires break out this month.

There was an arson fire just a few days ago, and before that a couple of vacant homes caught fire. During this time of year, the CCFD responds to an average of one structure fire per day.

"Unfortunately, you can almost predict that between the next 24 hours, 24 hours to 48 hours, we're going to have a structure fire, and we have been averaging a fire almost every day," CCFD Assistant Chief Andy Cardiel said.

On Tuesday, the Savoy boarding house on Ramirez Street was set on fire by someone. Around 20 people were inside the building at the time, six of them having to be rescued from the rooftop of the burning structure.

Fire crews have also had to battle several vacant home fires as the homeless try to get in from the cold. Officials say transients usually start fires inside of the vacant homes, and many times, those fires get out of control.

Other typical fires that the CCFD sees this time of year are kitchen fires and space heater fires, the latter of which typically causing the most work for firefighters.

The basic warning from the CCFD is to use common sense when placing a space heater in your home. Make sure it is away from bedding and drapes. Also, check to make sure they are in working order.

"To be very vigilant, use caution with any type of heating device," Cardiel said. "Anything that creates heat has a potential to start a fire."

Authorities pointed out that a lot of people are going to make some expensive mistakes by not heeding their warning. Cardiel said that he has covered plenty of fires where there was loss of life, and businesses which burned down and never re-opened.

The number of fires also remains high through the month of February, where the average number of fires is around 25 -- still one fire nearly every day.


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