One-Year Old Girl Found Left Inside Hot Vehicle in HEB Parking Lot

A one-year old girl was discovered locked inside a vehicle with its windows rolled up Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of the HEB at Alameda and Robert.

The child was found when its mother returned to the vehicle, along with a carryout attendant, after she was done shopping. EMTs were called out at around 1:30 p.m. after the discovery was made. The child was still conscious and alert, but authorities said she appeared lethargic.

"I think we are very lucky that the child did not pass away, because it's very, very hot," said Lt. Patrick McMenamy of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "Especially inside a vehicle."

At this point, police are still trying to determine if it was a criminal act of just an unfortunate accident.

"Like I said, it's investigation," McMenamy said. "HEB has cameras all over the place. We are going to be reviewing the cameras, and try to determine if there was a criminal act or whether it was just a horrible accident."

Charges could be filed pending completion of the police investigation.

So just what sort of steps can a parent take to make sure they do not make a fatal mistake and leave their little one in a hot car?

"Put your purse in the backseat. Your briefcase, your iPad, your iPhone -- good thing since you won't be using the iPhone while you are driving -- but then that will remind you to go to the backseat and get your purse," said Cheryl Braun, a registered nurse at Christus Spohn Alice. "'Ah, the kids here, too.' And you can get everything out of the car at the same time."

Christus Spohn Alice held a demonstration Wednesday afternoon to show people just how dangerous it can be for a child when it is locked inside of a hot car.

The experts say, should you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you should first get the child out of the vehicle immediately. Then, try to cool it off with the air conditioner or with ice. Also, call 911 so the child can be checked out, and do not assume the baby is going to be okay. Experts say the younger the child is, the more damage the intense heat can do to them.


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