Operation Proud Partnership Ready to Clean Up Flour Bluff

The City is getting ready to do a clean sweep through the Flour Bluff area.

The latest addition of what the City calls Operation Proud Partnership kicks off Thursday morning as police, Animal Control and code enforcement officers hit the streets to work on the cleanup in the Bluff.

In the parking lot of the old Wal-Mart off Waldron Road, there are all kinds of code violations, and the City has apparently already been scoping out the area. There was a trailer with junk piled up inside of it, and the City had already placed a sign on it, warning the owner to move it or it will be removed.

Same thing goes for whoever parked a trailer there. It's definitely worth some money, and someone might want to come and get it before the City takes it away.

An RV that was parked next to those two trailers seemed as if it was simply sitting there, but after a closer look, it as obvious that someone was actually living inside. There's no electricity, water or wastewater connections there.

It turned out that Patty Bissonnette and her husband own the RV, and had setup their home there.

"We have a friend who has a motor home, and that's not ours, so we don't make trash," Bissonnette said.

Bissonnette said police came by on Tuesday and told her to move the RV or she would get a ticket. She doesn't feel that it's right because they were not trashing up the area or causing any problems there. She also said she will move the RV to another spot that should be safe from prying eyes.

Also, junk sofas and shopping carts were easy to find throughout the area the City is targeting.


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