Owner of Sandia Deer Breeding Facility Bonded Out of Jail

Fred Rich, the man arrested Wednesday for allowing someone to enter a deer breeding facility and kill a 22-point buck while it was still inside a pen, bonded out of jail on Thursday.

Rich is said to be the owner of the breeding facility at the Lonesome Bull Ranch near Sandia, Texas. That facility is currently being investigated by Texas Parks and Wildlife, and that's how the incident was discovered.

Parks and Wildlife officers are also testing whitetail dear from that ranch for an infectious disease. More than 200 of the deer had to be euthanized to allow for that testing, and the results are expected back in a few weeks.
As for Rich, if convicted in aiding the slaughtering of that deer, he could face up to six months in jail.

It's not his first run-in with the law. Rich received time in prison for federal charges that he scammed insurance companies out of thousands of dollars in fraudulent mold claims.

Prosecutors said Rich, who owned a company called Mold Inc., and two other men pled guilty to suing a technique called "cooking houses." It involved wetting down the inside of a home, shutting doors and windows, and then cranking up the heat to create mold.

The alleged incidents happened in Corpus Christi and in Portland between 2000-2002.


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