Parents Protest Against Principal of Travis Elementary School

A group of parents waged protest against the principal of Travis Elementary School Thursday afternoon, saying they are upset over new policy changes at the school. The principal says the changes are all in an effort to keep kids safe.

"Been lots of problems as far as when the new principal came in," parent Sabrina Roggers said. "Things that my kids come home and tell me. She's taking away stuff from them. Incentives that they've had, that they're taking away. I've had problems all year."

"She has mentioned that this neighborhood is 'ghetto,'" parent Samantha Gonzalez said. "That this school is 'ghetto.' She didn't want to do a fall festival here because it was to 'ghetto' for her."

Those were just some of the comments coming from the group of protestors. One of the main problems they have with Principal Jenitta Rupp is a policy stating that, when it comes to walking their children inside the school, parents have to check in with the front office when they arrive on campus, and get a pass to walk the hallways.

Some of the protestors say they have been denied access, being told they could only walk inside the school if they were there for a conference or if they were a parent volunteer.

Rupp says the policy is in keeping with the the Corpus Christi Independent School District's security measures.

"We did put some procedures into place. We didn't change any policy. We have some procedures we have to follow for safety purposes," Principal Rupp said. "And others feel we shouldn't have to get tags to walk the school and so forth, but we're not doing anything different. We're not asking parents to do anything different, or guests of the campus to do anything different than any other campus in the CCISD."

As for the alleged disparaging remarks that Rupp had for the neighborhoods surrounding Travis Elementary, Rupp says those comments are flat out false, and that she is very proud to be at the school.

"That's not true. I'm very, very pleased to be here at Travis. Travis is an amazing school. It has been forever," Rupp said. "I've been in the district for a long, long time. Travis is one of those campus that have always been, the students do well, the staff here is amazing."

Rupp said she has an open-door policy, and if parents have any concerns, she would be happy to address it with them.


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