Pen Pals of 74 Years Meet for the First Time in Corpus Christi

After 74 years of being pen pals, and close to 3,000 letters, two women met each other for the first time on Monday at the Corpus Christi International Airport.

3News was there for the emotional meeting.

There was a warm embrace and plenty of tears of joy at the airport as 87-year old  Kitty Frati and 83-year old Audrey Sims met for the first time.

Frati, who now lives in Portland, Texas, said she began writing with Sims as a class project. Sims lives in Australia and Frati admits, she didn't even know where Australia was on the map when the two became pen pals. She was 13 at the time, and over the years, the two stayed in touch and continued to write each other.

They wrote about marriages, deaths, children and grandchildren, even World War II, in which Frati actually helped build planes used in the war. The two said, despite living half a world away from each other, they realized they weren't so different after all.

"I think we've got parallel families," Sims said. "Married, divorced, children; almost the same."

"As I said earlier, we love flowers," Frati said.

"Oh yes, we've got to look at gardens," Sims said.

No e-mails or Facebook for these two women, who said they will continue to write each other handwritten letters even after their time together in Corpus Christi.

Sims and her family will be here for the next four days, and Frati is eager to catch up and show her around the area.


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