Pit Bull Tied to Trailer, Dragged Six Blocks in Beeville

People are calling it the worst case of animal cruelty that the city of Beeville has ever seen -- a dog chained to trailer, being dragged through the streets for some six blocks before the chain finally gave way.

It happened Thursday night. Beeville Animal Control Supervisor Lupe Valdez said that, in his line of work, he sees it all, but he's never seen anything like it.

"A friend of the family's was going to pick up a trailer that had some vehicles on it, to do some work on it, and the dog was tied to the trailer," Valdez said. "I don't know if they didn't realize it, that it was tied to the trailer, and it drug it quite a ways."

When Valdez got to the scene, the female pit bull was lying on the curb with the chain still attached to her. The dog was in shock, and was being very still. Valdez picked her up with no problem, took her to the animal shelter and tried to clean off her wounds as best he could.

On Friday morning, Valdez took the dog to the vet. It was still in shock, with wounds all over its body.

"She's really a sweet dog and it's a shame, you know, but we're going to do our best to get her better and stuff. And you know we're going to look into, we're going to investigate, and I'm pretty sure charges will be pressed," Valdez said.

Animal Control, which is part of the animal shelter, does have funds that they receive through public support and donations that they are able to use for animal welfare cases like this. If you would like to reach out to Animal Control and the animal shelter to help them out, you can call 361-358-4545, or visit their Facebook page.

Meanwhile, the case remains under investigation.


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