Police Arrest Two Car Thieves with Help of GPS Tracking System

Police nabbed two men for stealing a vehicle Wednesday morning, with the help of the victim and a GPS device installed in his company vehicle.

It all happened quickly, both the theft and the arrests.

Two Corpus Christi men, 34-year old Sam King and 38-year old Michael McWhorter,were hauled off to the city jail. They were arrested at Talbert and Highway 44 by Corpus Christi constables, Sheriff's deputies, Robstown and Airport police officers.

The truck the two were in was reported stolen just before 8:30 a.m. from the area off 624 near Calallen High School. What helped police locate the truck was a turn-by-turn description, being relayed by several people.

"Step by step, the GPS system was providing the information to the victim, who was relaying it directly to a patrolman, and the patrolman was relaying it to the dispatchers, and all the law enforcement officers were listening in," said Lt. Isaac Valencia of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "And once again, the radio wins."

Police said the men picked a truck that was provided to the driver by his company, and the company had outfitted their fleet with GPS tracking devices. Lt. Valencia said it is more and more common that modern technology is shortening the distance between police and the criminals they are after.


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