Police Investigate Drowning of Six-Year Old Boy

Police say there are still lots of unanswered questions surrounding the Friday night drowning of a six-year old boy.

It happened on the beach near Bob Hall Pier. The boy's stepmother was said to be supervising the child at the time.

The boy's biological mother and police are now asking for your help.

Kelly Syring is the mother of the late six-year old Taylor Syring. Syring's mother said she was under the impression that her ex-husband would be picking up their son from school Friday. She did not know that the stepmother was planning on taking the child to the beach.

Then, she got the horrible news that night about her son, and rushed to the hospital.

"The nurse was explaining to me that, when they brought him in, he was unresponsive, and that he came by car," Syring said. "And so I went back in and his stepmother and his father were there, and I asked them, I said, 'Did you call 911?' And she told me that, no, it would have, where they were at, they would have taken too long."

According to police, the 47-year old stepmother that took Taylor to the beach said she watched the boy play in the water and let him take off his life jacket while he played in shallow water. Police said the boy disappeared under the water and surfaced face down in the surf. Police also said the 47-year old woman rushed Taylor to the hospital for treatment.

"There have been no conclusions arrived, if it's an accidental drowning or if there was any kind of negligence or any kind of criminal activity, so we're really looking for anyone with any information to contact police," said Officer Kirk Stowers of the Corpus Christi Police Department.

Police said the child and the stepmother were not on the beach alone, and police are asking anyone who was near there at that time to call and offer any information they possibly can.

According to police, the stepmother and the child were in a in a white Toyota F-J Cruiser that night.

The stepmother has not been charged with anything, and as of this time, she is not a suspect.


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