Police Investigate Molotov Cocktails on Van Loan, Moore Avenue

A northside neighborhood has been plagued by all sorts of criminal activity in recent days, and on Thursday, police recovered what appear to be homemade bombs.

As you can imagine, after the bombings in Boston, Corpus Christi police wasted no time scouring the area around Van Loan near Moore Avenue for the suspected Molotov cocktails. It was the second time in as many days that they have had to respond to such calls.

All indications are that the person who made the devices wanted whoever found them to know, or believe, that they were bombs.

Bomb Squad investigators spent a great deal of time looking at the devices, even bringing in a large, iron container to haul them away; but soon after, it became apparent that the jars were safe enough to be move by hand. Investigators placed them into bags for further analysis.

In the meantime, police on scene said they plan to take a proactive approach to help curb the recent increase in criminal activity in the area.

Late Thursday afternoon, Corpus Christi Police Department officials said that investigators have determined that the liquid inside of the four jars did contain some sort of accelerant. They did not elaborate as to what kind of accelerant it was, but did say the devices could have been used to cause damage.

Police said they will continue to look for evidence, including any possible fingerprints that could have been left on the jars.


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