Capital Murder Arrest in Gun Shop Robbery and Shooting, Three People Still on the Run

Friday afternoon the 5000 block of Leopard was home to worried workers and a gruesome crime scene, people confused and concerned as to how an aggravated robbery at Shooter's Depot, could turn into a homicide, leaving store owner George Koumbis dead, and his employee injured. 

"It scared me because I live alone, and it's real close to my home and close to my business that I work at too," said Helen Carr, a nearby restaurant employee. 
The night of the crime suspects got away, but Saturday afternoon a break in the case. Police arresting 19-year-old Truanser Hughes for capital murder, after members of the US Marshals Fugitative Apprehension Task Force located him on an unrelated aggravated robbery charge. 
"This is no longer a 'who done it,' this is no longer thought to be a plan to go from gun shop to gun shop," said CCPD Chief Mike Markle, in a press conference Saturday. 
And after interviewing Hughes, he gave insight into who else was involved that night, the investigation leading police to three other names, and warrants are out for their arrests. Officers need your help in finding 20-year-old Filamir Gomez Jr., 28-year-old Jeremiah Jenkins, and 22-year-old Darien Marshall. 
"We will be relentless in our pursuit and will keep utilizing the US Marshals task force and I'm sure we will secure these folks," said Markle.  

As the investigation continues, nearby employees are mourning the death of a beloved shop owner, and worried about the high number of shootings and deaths in just three days. 
"These are kind of iffy times right now. You don't know one day for the next what's going to happen. I don't feel safe," said Carr. 
And police need your help in finding those three men. If you know their whereabouts or have any information that could lead to their locations, call the Corpus Christi Police Department. 

Reporting at Shooters Depot on Leopard, Briana Whitney 3 News. 



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