Police Seek Suspect in Sexual Assault of a 15-Year Old

A sexual assault suspect is on the run after forcing his way inside an apartment at the Candlewood Apartment Complex.

Kiii News Reporter Jessica James went Live from there with the details.

The victim in the case was sexually assaulted during a break in on Dec. 17. Since then, Kiii News has been working to confirm this information.

The Corpus Christi Police Department's Public Information Office is restricted from talking about sexual assaults, but it was confirmed on Monday that a sexual assault is what took place that night.

The suspect knocked on the 15-year old victim's door during the evening hours. She opened the door, and the suspect asked to use her restroom. Before she could answer, CCPD sources say that he forced his way inside, beat her up and proceeded to sexually assault her.

The community needs to be aware that this person is still out there.

"It's really got us alarmed," CCPD Officer Kirk Stowers said. "It has our attention that this person has done something horrifying, and we need to do what we can to apprehend the person."

Investigators are not releasing a suspect description because the victim will be meeting with a sketch artist on Tuesday, and officers say any type of discrepancies could jeopardize the outcome of the sketch.

In addition to that, there are a few potential witnesses who investigators have not interviewed yet, so of course they do not want to impact the information they will provide to police.

Sources also said that management at the Candlewood Apartments sent out letters to all the people who live there, making them aware that a sexual assault took place.


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