Police Urge Citizens to Report Any, All Crimes

The Corpus Christi Police Department is urging people to report any and all crimes as they work to deliver intelligence-driven policing.

In other words, making sure officers have the most up-to-date crime numbers in their hands so they will have a better chance of catching the crooks in the act.

Police administrators were taking a look at the latest crime trends on Wednesday at their twice a month Comstat meeting.

The idea of the Comstat meetings is to bring together all the commanders and captains to pour over the latest crime stats. Then, the job is to come up with a game plan to focus their efforts on solving the cases.

It's called intelligence-led policing, making sure they have the most up to date crime stats to go by so they know where to send their patrol cars and undercover officers.

On Wednesday afternoon, one captain talked about a number of aggravated assaults taking place among the homeless. Another supervisor talked about a string of auto burglaries up and down Airline.

The public needs to report each and every crime so that the officers in the field can hopefully follow the trail left behind by the crooks.

"We put the information out on our prolific burglars, or any warrants we have," said Comm. Mike Markle of the CCPD. "All that gets pushed out electronically to the officers in real time, so when we have it they have it."

So the more crime reports officers have, the more they will know how to approach a certain problem area. For instance, the auto burglaries along Airline have police looking to come up with a list of those on probation for auto burglary.

If people report any and all crimes they know about, police feel they will be able to find those responsible for breaking into cars or stealing bikes from your yard much faster than if you keep quiet and let the crooks continue to operate under the radar.


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