Political Advertising Rules on County Property Clarified

There was a legal clarification Friday at the Nueces County Courthouse, about when and how political advertising is permitted to be on display in and around the courthouse.

County Attorney Laura Garza Jimenez issued the opinion Friday afternoon, clarifying the political clothing ordinance some candidates questioned.

Campaign shirts, buttons and other personal attire are permitted in the courthouse, up until the first day of early voting, which is Oct. 22. Anytime after that, all campaign materials must maintain at least 100-feet from the nearest polling place.

No one is happier about the clarification of the rule than political activist Abel Alonzo, who doesn't mind being referred to as political billboard of sorts. He said it is his freedom of speech, and proudly supports Democrats and Republicans; but come the first day of early voting, Alonzo said he will be covering up his array of buttons and t-shirts.

"I wear a shirt over all of this when I come here or go anywhere else in early election or in a regular voting," Alonzo said.

While the personal political attire issue has been clarified, County Judge Loyd Neal also said that, while candidates can't park their billboard vehicles in the parking lot right now, come early voting, that rule will also change.

"Out in the parking lot during early voting, signs, all kinds of truck signs, that's fine," Neal said. "That's part of the voting process, and we certainly don't object to that. Our whole goal here is not to turn the county parking lot into a campaign area where there's not voting going on here; and it inhibits the public's rights and ability to get into this courthouse and do business, and we just can't have that."

Neal said the rules are pretty clear. Follow the election code and electioneering rules, and candidates can avoid any problems.


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