Clinton Takes to Twitter Questioning Trump's Business Ties to Foreign Countries

WASHINGTON (ABC NEWS) - A Newsweek article published Wednesday that looks at how Donald Trump's business ties could "upend U.S. national security" if he became president has unsurprisingly, has sparked a flurry of questions from his Democratic rival.

Trump rented land in New York to Qaddafi when in 2009 and the real estate mogul bragged subsqeuently about how he got one over on Libyan leader.

Clinton tossed 20 questions at Trump focusing on his ties to Russia and whether he'll "conduct foreign policy that puts the U.S." above his companies' "profits."

During her appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America" Wednesday, Ivanka Trump was asked about what her family would do to prevent any potential conflicts of interest.

"As a private business we can make decisions that are not in our best interest. We're not beholden to anyone to shareholders. We can say, you know what, we'll do less deals and not going to do that deal even though it's a fine deal and economically reasonable because it could create a conflict of interest," Trump's daughter said.

She also said that Trump would place his business in a blind trust that his children would run.

But, the author of the Newsweek article, Kurt Eichenwald, argued that "the Trump Organization cannot be placed into a blind trust, an arrangement used by many politicians to prevent them from knowing their financial interests; the Trump family is already aware of who their overseas partners are and could easily learn about any new ones."

Clinton's twitter account meanwhile, didn't stop tweeting until all 20 questions were posted online.


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