Port Aransas City Leaders Discuss Ongoing Coyote Problem

Coyote concerns continue in Port Aransas, where the canines have been roaming into neighborhoods and even onto boats in search of food.

Some residents even say that their pets have been targeted and attacked by the wild animals.

In a move to try and figure out what to do about the coyotes, City leaders recently met with Parks and Wildlife experts.

Of course there is the debate on what the best course of action would be in order to get rid of the problem; but instead of killing the animals, City leaders are being taught how to be more compatible.

"I think the council's attitude is that it's a problem we will not eradicate," Port Aransas Mayor Keith McMullin said. "We will need to manage our interaction with the coyotes, and inform the public as best as possible."

McMullin said the City is working with Parks and Wildlife on a program aimed at educating residents how to avoid being targeted by the wild animals. Of course, coyotes on the island is nothing new, but over recent years, they have been coming out of the sand dunes and into the community.

Animal Control typically gets called to respond to sightings. McMullin said the coyotes are usually gone by the time workers show up. They will continue to set traps and relocate the animals.

In the meantime, the mayor said things residents can do is secure their trash, and avoid leaving pet food outdoors.


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