Pro-Life Advocates Protest Outside of Local Abortion Clinic

A local doctor's office where abortions are performed was the scene of an active protest on Tuesday, the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.

It was on this day 40 years ago that Roe vs. Wade became law. It was, of course, the Supreme Court decision giving all women the right to an abortion in the first three months of pregnancy.

Even after 40 years, abortion is an emotionally charged subject. Both sides of the dispute believe they are correct, and each are equally assured they have the majority of supporters.

"For 40 years, a total of about 55 million babies have lost their lives through abortion," said Manuel Garcia, a pro-life activist.

Garcia said he has attended the silent protests outside of the clinic on Morgan and Crosstown for more than 30 years.

"We're not here to put anybody down or judge anybody," Garcia said. "We're just here to offer help when they're having these abortions here, and that's our mission. To offer help and to pray for everyone and love everyone."

The corner of Morgan and Crosstown has become the epicenter for pro-life activists. It is at the Coastal Birth Control Center where they say abortions are performed Monday through Friday, and not a day goes by that someone who is against abortion can be found just outside the property line, praying.

"Women's right to choose what? What is she choosing?" said Julie Norman, a pro-life activist. "She's choosing to kill one of her own children, and the child we believe is conceived by the will of God, not the will of man. So therefore, she is choosing death for her own child."

The clinic declined to comment on the protests.

Incidentally, a national pro-life group said 42 measures were enacted in the States in 2012,  including bans on abortion after 20 weeks, bans on state funding for Planned Parenthood and ultrasound requirements for those seeking abortions. By contrast, only eight measures supporting abortion rights were enacted.


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