Proposed City Ordinance to End Front-Yard Parking

Get ready for the possibility of a new ordinance aimed at your neighbors who choose to park vehicles in their front yards and not on a driveway.

A rising number of complaints have the City looking to put a stop to the practice.

The City is looking to keep homeowners from parking their vehicles in their yards. The goal is to get them to park it in a driveway or out on the street.

There are examples all over town of this practice. On Monday, at the corner of Carrizo and Laredo, two cars were parked in their yard and over the sidewalk. Blocking the sidewalk is against the law, but parking in their yard is not.

Also, in the 1000 block of 11th Street, a sport utility vehicle was parked in the yard. The homeowner would be given a ticket under the ordinance the City is looking at passing.

"We were getting complaints from people saying 'hey, my neighbor's been parked in their front yard for two weeks. They come and go, but the car is always there,'" Assistant City Manager Troy Riggs said. "It looks bad in the neighborhood. Everyone else is obeying the ordinances in the City, but they're not."

Riggs said that the City was ready to take action against those parking in their yards, but then found out that there actually wasn't an ordinance against it. So now, the Corpus Christi Police Department and the City's legal team is working on drafting an ordinance for Council to rule on that would prevent people from legally parking in their front yards.

Residents seem to be split about this proposed ordinance.

"I want to see the police chief come over here and tell me, that way I can tell him the heck with the parking," said Jose Rodriguez. "It don't make no sense. You are on your own property. How can he bother you on your own property? It's not right."

On the other hand, Amelia Obregon is upset about how her neighbors across the street park, and is glad that the City is finally looking to do something about it. A mustang has been parked in the front yard for some three years.

The City is actually looking at removing it because it does not run. That is in the current city ordinance. You have to have a car that is fully operational. If not you can get a ticket and have it towed away.


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