Prosecution Wraps Up Testimony in Capital Murder Trial

Prosecutors wrapped up their case on Wednesday, day two of the chilling capital murder trial of 44-year old Jose Gonzalez, a former Alice police officer accused of fatally shooting his wife last December in Corpus Christi.

"The cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds," said Dr. Ray Fernandez, Nueces County Medical Examiner.

Fernandez was the last of six prosecution witnesses, wrapping up two days of testimony. On the stand for less than an hour, Fernandez counted the six wounds left behind by the .40 caliber handgun allegedly used by Gonzalez to kill Leslie Morin.

It was a violent act that instantly claimed the life of the 31-year old mother of two. Three wounds, one to the head, the second to the upper torso and a third in the abdomen. They were all fatal shots, and evidence showed that Morin was shot at point-blank range.

"When the bullet comes out at the end of a muzzle, it's not just the bullet coming out. It's also gas, and when the gas comes into the body, it lifts up the skin, the soft tissue of the skin, and it pushes it up against the muzzle of the gun," Fernandez said. "So it leaves an imprint from the muzzle of the gun around where the muzzle was against the body."

Also on the stand was the victim's stepfather, who testified that he tried to stop Gonzalez, but then Gonzalez fired a shot at him and missed.

Then came chilling testimony from the victim's own daughter, telling jurors the whole incident lasted only seconds.

"I just look at him and I see his gun, and he just walks down the hallway, like casually," she said. "Basically that's what it seemed like."

The young girl said there was a lot of screaming. She was just steps away from where her mother was brutally gunned down.

"I was in the room, and I hear my grandma. I hear my mom. I hear Joey, and I just hear shots," Morin's daughter said. "That's all I hear, and I'm screaming my head off. Screaming."

Morin's daughter said she ran outside, only to watch the suspect leave with his eight-year old son, her half brother.

"I went back into the closet where my mom was, and I go, 'Mom!'," she said. "And that's when I walk out and tell Adrian, 'It's mom. It was mom.'"

The defense will present its case on Thursday.


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