Record Flu Season Worsened by Tamiflu Shortage

The City-County Health Department reports a surge in flu cases, and the worst part is, many of the local pharmacies are out of the only vaccine for the virus: Tamiflu.

As of Wednesday, there have been twice as many confirmed cases than there were at the peak of last year's flu season. That is why doctors insist that you get your flu shot, if you haven't already.

"If you haven't had the flu shot, get it," said Dr. William Burgin, the City-County Health Authority. "If you get the flu, do not go to work. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze."

Burgin says that most of the local pharmacies have run out of Tamiflu, the only FDA approved medicine to fight the flu.

A total of 552 flu cases have been confirmed in Nueces County. This time last year, only 252 cases had been confirmed.

Not only are doctors seeing an increase in the number of flu cases, but flu season has started earlier this year in South Texas.

Aside from getting your flu shot and practicing good hygiene, there is really not much else you can do because of the Tamiflu shortage. If you do get the flu, chances are you will just have to ride it out at this point.


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