Refugio Cracking Down on Nuisance Properties

The City of Refugio is telling property owners that, if they don't take care of their property, the City can and will demolish it.

After many months of writing letters and trying to get ahold of folks, they're now taking a more direct approach. Namely, by driving a stake in the ground on properties they deem to be a nuisance.

The laminated notices describe the different ways the properties have become a nuisance, listing the different areas the property is in violation. For properties that have high grass or weeds exceeding 18-inches, the City is ready to come in and mow the grass, and send the bill to the property owner.

Some of the properties have homes that have been condemned and are on a list to be demolished.

"If they don't respond, if we have to demolish it, it's going to cost you," Refugio Mayor Ray Jaso said. "You're going to pay for it. We're just going to tear it down, and if you don't pay for it, we're going to put a lien against your property. But you will do something with it, or we will."

One of the homes that the City says it has condemned and is on a list to be demolished is the home on 502 East Empresario Street. The home is owned by former City Council member Ron Nelson. The mayor said the home burned down over a year ago and has been a mess ever since.

Neighbors said that the home has been a big problem. A public nuisance property report on the grounds listed four different violations.


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