Residents Complain About Airsoft War Games at Oso Creek Park

Some local residents are worried about war games being held at a local park, and a spokesman for one neighborhood has even asked City Council to enforce laws to keep those war games away.

Those war games, between kids using Airsoft guns, have been taking place at Oso Creek Park, where Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns went Live with more details.

The park was once being used as a dump, but through the City's Adopt-a-Park program, a group of residents cleaned up the trash and opened the park to hikers and mountain bike riders. However, a resident complained about a recent program to City Council on Tuesday.

The Airsoft guns use small round pellets that don't break the skin, but sting quite a bit. A local man said a group of Airsoft gun users have been using Oso Creek Park at least once a month, on Sunday afternoons, as a place to hold their war games.

Residents would like to see it stopped.

"Some of the negative impacts to this particular park include creating potential danger of accidental shooting of other park visitors," resident Art Norman said before City Council. "Littering of hundreds to thousands of plastic BBs that can take well over two years to decay."

Norman asked that the City enforce ordinances banning Airsoft guns and prohibiting litter as a way to stop the war games.

"We just didn't feel like it was a compatible use or an appropriate place in the public area or city park, for people to be having war games using these Airsoft guns and shooting plastic BBs."

There is at least one local business on private property outside city limits that has the facilities for paint ball or Airsoft gun users to stage such war games.

Assistant Police Chief Mike Markle said using public parks for these kinds of activities is not legal.

"I think first we need to make sure it happens, and then have a conversation with those folks," Markle said. "We're not looking at 'gotcha' police work here. We're looking at education and talking to folks if it's happening."

Airsoft guns shoot small plastic BBs more than 110 feet, so they could be a danger to any unsuspecting park users who might happen to walk into the line of fire.


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