Residents Concerned about Large Swarm of Bees

     An early morning scare for residents in one Corpus Christi neighborhood after a close encounter with a large swarm of bees.
     We traced that swarm back to a huge bee-hive at a home on the 5000 block of Maylands Drive near Holly and Everhart.
     The residents living at the home say they've been stung a few times.  They say they've tried to spray to get rid of the bees, but the bees just moved to another spot in their backyard.
     A neighbor we spoke with say they're concerned for the safety of their own children and pets.
Neighbor Isaac Haasjes, "It's a safety issue with the kids and the animals, also the dogs and the kids are always outside playing in the pool, so it's a safety issue."
     Experts say if you encounter angry bees try and seek shelter fast.
    Always be sure to check the area and your surroundings such as water meters, trees, trash cans, flower beds and barbeque pits.
   In case you do get stung by bees, try not to pull out the bee stinger with tweezers or by squeezing it, because that can actually release more venom into the skin.  Instead use a credit card or similar object to scrape it out.


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