Residents Take Animal Control Concerns to City Council

Several residents appeared before City Council Tuesday to complain about Animal Control stopping the practice of picking up trapped animals from private citizens.

Residents said that animals like possums, raccoons and feral cats should be picked up when a citizen uses their own traps or traps rented by the City. Corpus Christi police said the current ordinance is simply being enforced.

"What gets me is that, evidently, the person who made that decision to stop picking up animals in personal traps didn't care about the welfare of the citizens and did not care about the health of the citizens, because possums got more diseases than any other animal that's known," resident Jack Gordy said.

"If this is a health issue, just like the fluoride is an issue, a health issue, if the trap issue is a money issue, then do away with the fluoride in the water and apply that money toward the trapping problem," resident Mary Ann Kelly said.

"It took Animal Control officers off the street being able to respond to calls, and it was also costly. It takes money to buy the drugs to do the euthanasia, and we just saw it as something that was not time or cost efficient," said Commander Todd Green of the Corpus Christi Police Department.

Commander Green said the practice is the same as most major cities in Texas.


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