Rockport Police Seek Suspects in Recent Rash of Vandalism

A rash of vandalism in the Rockport area has law officers asking for the public's help. They say there have been at least 30 incidents just since Saturday.

Police do not know if it is an individual or a group of people that is responsible, but they need help identifying whoever is committing the widespread vandalism.

The overwhelming majority of the destruction of property has taken place on Business Highway 35. Police say someone is using heavy duty slingshots, also known as wrist rockets, to fire steal ball bearings into the windows of businesses and cars.

Police showed the ball bearings they have found at the majority of the scenes where vandalism has occurred. They also showed examples of what kind of wrist rockets they believe the vandals are using.

About four cars have been targeted and some 26 businesses. Some of the businesses have been hit more than once. There are now holes and cracks in the windows and plywood covering some of the windows and doors that have been hit. Police say the cost of the damage is estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

"One particular report that I took yesterday, the replacement cost of the window was about $1,200, and that's been fairly consistent with the large double-pane glass windows that are getting broken," said Lt. Larry Sinclair of the Rockport Police Department. "So that adds up pretty quick."

Police are hoping that there is someone out there that may have seen something or knows about the vandalism. They hope somebody will come forward and provide them with that information.

If you have any information regarding these recent acts of vandalism, please call the Aransas County Crime Stoppers at 361-729-8477.


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